May 22, 2024

Food Fair Rivers

Rivers Can Cook…


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The Apalapa food of the Okrika people has grown to become a national identity for the Okrikans. Okrika is an island in Rivers State, Nigeria. The town is situated south of Port Harcourt, making it a suburb of a large city. The average elevation of Okrika is 4.52m. It lies on the north of the Bonny River and the Bonny Island, 35 miles (56km) upstream of Bonny.
This ethnic group has a delicious meal which stands out amongst all their meals called APALAPA.
Apalapa is a delicious meal prepared with:
Ripe Plantain, Cassava (Sliced and boiled), Red Palm Oil. It is prepared by gently pounding with a mortar the boiled and sliced cassava and plantain together, while adding red palm oil.
The meal can be eaten with any pepper soup, roasted fish with sauce or stew.
You have to have a bite, I bet you will ask for more.
The 5th edition of Food Fair will showcase the Apalapa delicacy.


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