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Ogein Fulo

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Ogein Fulo

Ogein Fulo - Food Fair Rivers 2023

Ogein Fulo is a popular soup among the Ogu and Bolo People of the Wakrike Nation in Rivers State. Ogu–Bolo (also spelt – Ogu/Bolo) is a local government area (LGA) in Rivers State, Nigeria with headquarters in the town of Ogu.

It is located on the Eastern Niger Delta.

Ogu/Bolo is neighboured by Eleme LGA in the west, Tai LGA in the north, Bonny LGA, Wakama Ama and Bolo communities in the south, and Okrika LGA in the southwest.

The region can be accessed by sea or land. It has well over 50 satellite villages and fishing settlements which can be assessed by sea via Ogu Creek and the Bonny River.

Ingredients for Ogu/Bolo- Ogein fulo (transparent fish) soup.

Fresh Ogein ( transparent fish)
Palm oil
Tomato (optional)
Any southern soup thickener.

The aroma from this tiny fish will blow you over the moon, it is so sumptuous that you will never get enough.

Visit Ogu/Bolo and get the experience of this great meal with the simplest recipe.
Hmmm yummy.

The 5th Edition of Food Fair Rivers will showcase the Ogein (transparent fish) soup.


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