May 22, 2024

Food Fair Rivers

Rivers Can Cook…

Maalo Akpoya-ee

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The Akpoya-ee soup of the Ogoni People is a delicacy the people of Ogoni is proud. The Ogoni Ethnicity, is a group of over two million people in Rivers State, Nigeria, which spreads across four (4) Local Government Areas (Eleme, Khana, Gokana and Tai). They are mostly an agricultural and fishing society, covering about 404-square-mile (1,050 km2) homeland, and have a vast Crude oil ad gas natural resources.
The Ogoni’s have a popular delicacy called “Maalo Akpoya-ee,” which involves preparing pumpkin leaves, oil, smoked fish, Pepper, and Seasoning mixed together. It can be accompanied by either garri, fufu or pounded yam.

The 5th edition of Food Fair will showcase the Maalo Akpoya-ee delicacy.


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