May 22, 2024

Food Fair Rivers

Rivers Can Cook…

Food Fair Rivers

Food Fair Rivers

Food Fair Rivers is an annual event that features a range of activities and exhibitions of local cuisines such as onunu, fisherman soup, abacha, and bole which are readily available for savoring and purchasing. The event generally includes games, celebrity chef appearances, cooking competitions, etc. This is an outdoor event with every vendor operating from their own booth. Food fair is a festival that often produces food as its central theme. This event has always been a means of uniting communities through celebrations, relaxation, recreation, and in some cases used to generate funds for a particular project.

Food Fair Rivers is an outdoor event that brings together diverse players in the food/tourism business to showcase rivers state and south-south Local Delicacies and cultural heritage. The festival also provides an opportunity for individuals, families, cooperative bodies, and the community at large to socialize, relax, and recreate.

This event was first conducted on November 2, 2019. and will have its 5th Anniversary in 2023. Individuals, small, medium, and large-scale enterprises, as well as private and public stakeholders in the food and tourist industries, tend to attend the event.

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